The Song of the Sirens

Do you know of any other mythical or fictional crea- tures that are either winged or can make dangerous sounds? • Scary creatures in Irish mythology. • An X-Man with a sonic scream in Marvel Comics. • In the Harry Potter book series, creatures that are inhumanely beautiful and very destructive. 1. In Irish mythology, Banshees were legendary female ghosts who were said to possess a powerful cry and herald death. 2. In Marvel Comics, one of the X-Men is an Irish mutant called Banshee , who possesses a sonic scream that is capable of harming his enemies’ ears. 3. The Veela are the team mascots of the Bulgarian Na- tional Quidditch team and are portrayed as very attrac- tive women. Like the Sirens, Veela music and dance has the power to cloud people’s minds and make themwant to do insane and self- destructive things. When the Veela get angry they transform into beings with heads like birds, with beaks and scaly wings.