The Mermaid

ΒΟΗΘ.ΚΩΔ.ΜΗΧ/ΣΗΣ 81456 ISBN:978-618-03-1456-4 Scan the code with your smartphone or tablet to listen to the story. Music by: Christos Alexopoulos Narrated by: Jessica Bell Recorded at: Artracks Studios And wrapped she was with scales bellow the waist, instead of legs, she had a big, fish tail. Her body was half human and half fish; she was a magical and mythical mermaid. The series Myths and Legends of Modern Greece invites us to remember and be enchanted again by the words of old times, words that comforted people and kept them company, words that tried to explain whatever scared or charmed them in the past and passed on orally from one generation to another. Myths and legends to share with our children, now that we don’t narrate stories the way people did in the past.