The Capture of Cerberus

At the time when the Earth was still young, it was up to the heroes to carry out the most difficult, or even impossible tasks. And first among them was Hercules, who, after bringing back the gold of the North, East and West, went to fetch the gold of the Underworld! It was the treasure of immortal Hades himself, guarded by the terrible monster-dog with three heads, Cerberus. This series offers a new reading of the ancient Greek myths. They are not old, worn-out stories, but gripping tales of timeless human adventures, containing all the fears and joys that have marked and continue to mark the human soul. Educational material included ISBN: 978-618-03-1440-3 AUXIL.COMPU.CODE 81440 T H E L A B O U R S O F H E R C U L E S